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Sample Page

Many people can be defined by their habits, such as drinking coffee. Many coffee drinkers enjoy the taste, and some enjoy the nice boost the caffeinated drink gives them in the morning. People can tell you approximately what age they started to drink coffee and why. People tend to answer “Oh! Coffee? I started drinking that in college! Studying and homework at the last minute. Thank you coffee and Google!”

Me? My first sip of the flavor was about in third grade. I know what you’re thinking, third grade? That’s such a young age to even think of drinking coffee. Don’t worry, my mom liked to trick me into thinking I was older than I actually was. She’d fill the cup up with milk and a little of a vanilla flavored cream. She’d top the drink off with a splash of coffee for the color. Gullible me, there I was drinking a cup of coffee with the grown ups at the age of eight!

I’m absolutely convinced I was made to love coffee though. My mom would tell me stories of how she was pregnant with my older brother, Chris. Since he was the first child, my mom had to follow every rule there was in the book to having that beautiful, glowing, smart, and healthy child by the time he was ready to come into this world. So, books and other mother’s had stated drinking coffee wasn’t the best idea for the baby. Stunt growth and all of that non-sense (I’m a 5’7, young, lengthy, woman if you were wondering, so I’d like to possibly be evidence of coffee not stunting growth). But hey, my mother was just here to protect her first born, so in this case I do not blame her for drinking coffee while pregnant with Chris.

Bada-bing-bada-boom, my brother was born and four years later I’m on my way! Things were different this time around, my mother felt a little bit risky with this one. I guess while pregnant with me she had the choice to have a healthy baby or drink coffee for her satisfaction. Yes… you guessed it. She fell to her wants instead of my needs. Can you believe that? Ha, I’m only joking, I came out a healthy baby. While the pregnancy, she decided she’d give coffee a try.

To this day, I’m convinced that drinking coffee while you’re pregnant with your child will only breed coffee addicts. Here I am today, being defined by my coffee drinking habits (well, that’s not all that defines me). I’m sure if you asked anyone that knew me, one of the facts they know true to their heart is that I am quite in love with coffee, that’s for sure. So why not share the love with all of the other coffee drinkers? Let’s learn together about more products, international coffees, what coffee does, health facts, decor, coffee art (because who even knew there was such thing!).