Impact Of VDP Inventory To Fuel Up The Sales

Once, the responsive website development is done, managing the vehicle’s inventory become a breeze. As, the automotive inventory management influence the traffic volume, conversion rate and sales, the auto dealers prefer employ the third-party companies for the inventory tracking that gives them rich insights about the stock like- what are the models the customers want, what are the vehicles selling quickly, how many units are aging, the prices competitors are offering, and what strategy you should adopt to grow boundlessly.

The seamless inventory monitoring and management help them take a proactive approach so that they can sell more vehicles in less time. This is pretty good, but there is one thing that’s often overlooked. What’s that?

The online inventory tracking of the vehicle detail pages (VDP)!

Yes, tracking the vehicle detail pages is very important, which provides the actionable data such as the number of views the page got, average time spent by the user, the variation in the views every week, the percentage of variation and so forth.

Many advanced analytics tools such as Google analytics and more are available that generate detailed reports for various VDP pages to demystify which activity is generating traffic.

What’s the significance of investing so much in VDP inventory management?

The auto dealers’ website is the virtual presence of the auto dealer showroom where the customers expect to get the same experience and services that they receive in the showroom. The visits, views and average time spent by the users gives you an idea of the customers’ interest that which of the models are getting popular and which are aging.

Leveraging the data, the auto dealer can optimize the website and keep the vehicle’s stock up-to-date in the showroom to better serve the customers what they look for.

According to the Cobalt Business Study report, “The automotive dealers with “higher VIN views” increased their sales. The buzz phrase in social media has been “More VDP (Vehicle Details Page) views, more sales”.

VDP inventory tracking matters a lot! But, how the VDP inventory data can be maximized to shoot up the bottom line? Here is the answer:

1) Promote the least-viewed vehicles

With analytics tools, it’s easy to identify which vehicles are least viewed and are aging in the stock. If any such aged units exist, then it’s time to sell those vehicles.

For this either any special offers or discounts can be put up on the website that pushes up the specific VDP views. Also, the banners or pop-up can be displayed on the main page to promote those models and then redirect the users to the VDPs.

This is the easiest way to keep the vehicles moving in the inventory as well…

2) Add reviews and ratings

Although you cannot refresh the inventory every day, but you can refresh the content frequently in the form of feedback that customers provide. Also, the reviews and ratings have 80% impact on the customers when they buy any vehicle.

Adding the relevant reviews on the specific VDPs page would certainly increase the conversion rate because they reflect the type of services the auto dealer offer.

3) Best-selling vehicles- the sweet spot for marketing!

Instead of content, the facts speaks more and a ton. When you have the big figures for the most-viewed and highly sold cars, it’s better to showcase them to the world to grab the attention.

You can enlist such vehicles and the stats in the marketing campaigns to draw more audience to the website and uplift the leads in the funnel.

With behavioral analytics technology identifying the visitor’s interest is possible which can be utilized for the personalized marketing to target the audience with the vehicles they are in the pursuit of.

4) Seal the trust

Remember, the website is the digital showroom where no salesperson is available who will guide the visitors and establish the trust factor. To convince the visitors to provide their details in the form after visiting the VDPs is a hard nut to crack due to the identity theft issue.

It’s necessary to display the privacy policy, trust badges and more to signal and assure the customers that the information will be kept confidential.

5) Right call-to-action

Stop playing the guessing game with your visitors. The visitors are unaware of what to do once they have reached and browsed the vehicle’s detail page. Properly guide the visitors with a call to action to let them know what to do the next. Keep the call to action that clearly depicts and elucidates what you want to convey. This way VDPs views turned into sales.

Wrapping it up

With technology advancements, creating online visibility with the responsive website not just help the auto dealers populate the traffic volume and generate leads, while the automotive inventory management assists them to keep up with the customers’ interest as well.

Among all the auto dealer solutions, tracking vehicle detail page inventory is one of the important jobs that reflect how efficiently the stocks are managed keeping the changing demands of the customers in mind. Also, it supplements the inventory data with detailed insights and never turned off the customers with a poor experience.

So start paying attention to the VDP inventory tracking to stand out in the market with increased conversion rate and sales.